Why Binary Uno is a Preferred Binary Options Platform? – The Basics about Cryptocurrency

Binary Options are a simple way to trade assets at any trading level. With a simple “Call” or “Put” option, you can predict if the value of an asset will go up or down. By selecting “Call”, you estimate that the value of the chosen asset will go up. The “Put” option predicts whether or not it will go down.

To learn more, see the example below:

Choosing a Binary Options broker can be overwhelming, with dozen to choose from, it’s important to choose a trustworthy and secure site. I choose Binary Uno, a secure and free no software required, web-based trading platform that provides a user-friendly environment and easy-to-use platform. Binary Uno is for any and all experience levels, they provide extensive resources to educate traders within the field. Additionally, they offer superb customer support to assist you with any questions and or difficulties you may have.

A few steps towards becoming a successful trader

After you create your account, the next big step is to select an asset to trade: Commodities, Indices, Stocks or Forex. I chose to trade EUR/CAD but of course, you can select any pair of commodities available within the platform. Once I did my educated research about the market, I decided to go with the “Call” option.

I prefer to trade Binary Options with Bitcoins, I also made my initial deposit in Bitcoins at 1.6724 BTC which is an equivalent to approximately $1000. You can see that after my position was approved, I started at 11:05 GMT and the expiry time indicated 11:30 GMT.

Risk a little, win a lot

I know that there is always a risk to lose with a payout of $40, and no money returned. Binary Uno has a trading environment that makes you feel safe and protected with your investment.

In 25 minutes I won my 1.6723 BTC invested back, plus $710, a total payout of $1710. I found the information on their website to be very thorough and helpful through the entire trading experience. This wasn’t my first trading experience but it was definitely one of the best ones, I look forward to continue to improve now that I’ve started trading with Binary Uno.

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