Searching on the internet? Then take a Bitcoin! – The Basics about Cryptocurrency

SearchTrade, a new start-up, has said that the time a user spends on the internet will enable him to earn a Bitcoin, provided that the search engines he uses have been integrated with the company’s platform.

In short, every time a user browses for any information, he will be able to earn a few Satoshis** easily.

To earn more, a user can also buy keywords, this helps a keyword buyer because when others search for the same keywords, then the buyer again earns in the Bitcoin.

The startup has said that the price of the keywords will be determined by the market while the company will provide an avenue through which the keyword transactions can take place conveniently.

The enthusiasm for the Bitcoin can be gauged from the fact that the company has revealed that in the pre-sale phase itself, it has successfully given away 389 keywords and generated 155 Bitcoin.

Vishal Gupta, co-founder and CEO at SearchTrade explained the reasoning behind the scheme, by saying said that “the principle behind SearchTrade is simple; we give a share of financial rewards to all stakeholders involved in the search process and not just the company providing the platform. Bitcoin micropayments make this possible.”

The company has also said that it will provide many options in the search engines for the users to ensure convenience of the participants.

It has also informed that currently it is seeking developers who can design an app which when a user uses will help earning him a Bitcoin.

The company has also vowed to ensure fair play, and for that it is limiting the number of searches per user to 40 a day and it also limits access to individual IP addresses.

The scheme seems good for those people who have an internet connection and an enthusiasm for Bitcoin!

** One Bitcoin is equal to 100,000,000 Satoshis.