Funding Raised by Bitcoin Hardware Wallet 'Case' Reaches $2.25 Million – The Basics about Cryptocurrency

Case has raised $1m in seed funding round led by FuturePerfect Ventures.

The figure adds to the $1.5m round the New York-based startup secured in June, bringing its total amount raised to $2.25m.

One of a growing number of bitcoin hardware wallet providers, including companies like KeepKey, Ledger and Trezor, Case is distinguished by a product designed with advanced security features such as biometrics and veteran entrepreneur and CEO Melanie Shapiro, who previously founded and sold social client startup Digsby.

In statements, Shapiro suggested that the funding seeks to move the startup past its competitors by catering to both consumers and enterprise bitcoin and blockchain firms.

For example, the company announced yesterday it had participated in the issuance of shares in Pivit, a newly launched public opinion marketplace. Pivit had its private investor shares recording on distributed ledger technology developed by Digital Asset Holdings (DAH).

Shapiro said:

“Bitcoin and other distributed ledger technologies facilitate the transfer of digital financial assets within cryptographically secured, immutable environments. Case acts as a secure signing device that streamlines this process without increasing the risk of compromising sensitive data.”

The share issuance comes as capital markets-focused blockchain startups continue to explore the viability of issuing private shares on distributed ledgers. Similar projects have so far been announced by Overstock’s tØ and Symbiont.

Image via Case

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