First Global Credit Adds Cash Prizes to its Latest Bitcoin Trading Competition – The Basics about Cryptocurrency

The satisfactory outcome of their previous Bitcoin trading competition has prompted First Global Credit to introduce cash prize category to its latest trading competition.

The UK-based finance trading platform, which exclusively allows Bitcoin to be used as collateral margin to trade ETFs and stocks, today announced the launch of a new trading competition that will commence on April 4th. The Fantastic Four Trading, as the competition is titled, rewards the traders — that make the maximum profit in currency, stocks, and futures market within a given period — with attractive cash prizes. The competition also reserves one special status for the trader who makes the maximum profits in all the said categories.

As per confirmed by First Global Credit, traders can participate in the competition by signing up at their official website. Upon their entry, each participant will be given with a free account loaded with 100 competition Bitcoins. These virtual funds can be used as collateral margin to secure long/short positions in stock, future contract and ETF markets. They can also be traded against four fiat currencies: USD, EUR, GBP and CHF.

At the end of the competition, a total of four winners will be presented with a free live trading account, loaded with enough Bitcoin collateral to trade in stocks, commodities, currency and future markets. The live trading account will further assist these traders in building up a strong trading portfolio, where the Bitcoin collateral will increase in alignment with the amount of profit traders make.

Marcie Terman, First Global Communication Director, said a few words about the Fantastic Four Trading competition, stating how it brings comfortable trading futures to the people with minimized risks.

“This [Future trading] is a rich field and we know that opening it up for people using digital currency as a method of value store continues to set First Global apart from our peers in the digital currency space,” she said. “And, of course, the competition is a great risk free way for people to get comfortable trading futures on the site with the added benefit of a cash prize.”

“Without a doubt, it is the cash prizes that drive the excitement around the competition,” Joe Belmonte, First Global Marketing Director, added. “That and the fact that the winners are on the inside track to join both the Private Trading Group and the Star Trader Tracker Program which will formally launch later this year.”

Belmonte further explained:

“The Star Trader Program is something we are really excited about because it pairs the talents of profitable traders with people who hold bitcoins but may lack the skills to trade profitably on their own. This service will allow bitcoin holders to review live track records and use them to select traders to follow. When the Star Trader places a trade for his account, the person tracking them will have trades placed on their behalf at the same time. The follower gets the profit.”

To know more about the First Global Credit Bitcoin trading competition, visit here.

Source: Mail Tip