Dragon’s Tale – Play the Mining Game and Earn Bitcoin – The Basics about Cryptocurrency

Dragon’s Tale is one of those addicting games that you just don’t forget. Its ingenious originality has made the game quite popular among the role play game and casino gaming lovers. Today, it is already considered the most popular Casino Role Play game in the Bitcoin Industry.

Dragon’s Tale is home to more than hundreds of casino-based mini-games that allow players to gather some bitcoins. Among these games, players will find dozens of Skill-based games and dozens of luck-based games.

After learning how to play and how to use the Dragon’s Tale gameplay interface, players will be able to roam around the islands that comprise the world of Dragon’s Tale and find these mini-games.

This week, we will be talking about one of these cool skill-based games that is pretty easy to play and where you can easily earn some coins. Mining is a simple and easy-to-play skill-based mini-game that players will be able to find at Dragon’s Tale and one that can help them raise a gambling Bitcoin stack.

The whole game goes on in China and mining can only be done near the great wall. That’s the place where players can find caves where they can mine.  Like the other mini-games, mining is available in different stakes and player can bet from as low as 10bitmils. When a player starts to mine, boulders will start to come out of the ground. The player can earn if he matches the corresponding shape, size, number of crystals contained, or even by the color of the boulder.

Since this is a skill-based game, there’s a whole lot of gambling strategies you can use, so go ahead and sign up to Dragon’s Tale to find the Great Wall of China, start mining and earn some bitcoins.