Blythe Masters, Digital Asset Holdings CEO Issues the First Wall Street Crypto Security – The Basics about Cryptocurrency

Blythe Masters, the former JPMorgan executive who helped pioneer credit derivatives in the 1990s, has re-emerged as chief executive of Digital Asset Holdings.

The Digital Asset Holdings is a venue for buyers and sellers of financial assets to meet and transact, switching currencies into bitcoin in order to cut the cost and time of settlement and make use of the decentralised  Blockchain.

Blythe Masters sits on the Top of blockchain technology startup Digital Asset Holdings, where she became the CEO in March. She spent 27 years at JPMorgan Chase, where she held some leadership positions, most recently as the head of its global commodities unit from 2007 to 2014. She has also been the CFO of its investment bank and held various roles managing credit risk at the megabank.

Today, Blythe Masters, Digital Asset Holdings CEO, formally announced its first securities issuance.

Blythe Masters commented:

“The issuance is an important milestone in demonstrating the potential of blockchain technology.”

Banks have an ambivalent attitude towards Bitcoin. They are still intrigued by the technology but have seriously concerned about its negative associations; now with the sudden Wall Street interest in the digital currency technology, this is bound to change.

The issuance was completed in partnership with secure wallet platform Case, based in Rochester, N.Y., and London-based blockchain security company Elliptic. It’s designed to ensure that the digitally issued securities remain under the control of Pivit and its investors.

Digital Asset Holdings now joins a group of companies competing to develop the first products using the blockchain decentralized ledger.

Digital Asset Holdings is said to be making plans to develop more products and services while offering securities on other blockchains.

With this move, Blythe Masters enters Wall Street’s bitcoin tech race making Digital Asset Holdings the first Wall Street Company to announce the issuance of a crypto security.

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