Bitcoin Block Size Debate: Who's Picking Sides? – The Basics about Cryptocurrency

Last updated: 2nd September

As the block size debate rages on – given added fuel by the recent release of Bitcoin XT – stakeholders in bitcoin are picking sides on how the currency should scale.

Whether it’s an 8MB increase, or a dynamic limit chosen by the currency’s mining elite, we’re keeping tally of the industry’s decisions so far.

Below you can see results from the 15 biggest mining organisations and the 10 best-funded bitcoin service providers. Hover to see the date, and toggle between miners and services using the buttons at the top.

The map below also indicates where each proposal has received the most support geographically.

We’ll keep updating both the table and the map as more companies make their plans known, or change their mind.

Companies Backing Block Size Proposals | Create infographics

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